Candidates for Ambassadors are ICF Members who are elected, acclaimed or appointed from within each country by the ICF membership of that country. If more than one nomination is submitted, then an election is conducted. If only one candidate is nominated, the candidate may be acclaimed or appointed by the ICF Board. If there are no nominations from a particular country, the Ambassador Attaché on the Advisory Board seeks out a suitable volunteer.

Ambassador responsibilities include:

  • Recruit additional ICF Members within their country.
  • Assist in forging links amongst members, nationally and internationally, including exchange of campers, camp staff, directors.
  • Supply news and information from the country to ICF on a regular basis.
  • Survey known information on organized camping and outdoor experience in their country.
  • Disseminate information on international camping and ICF programs and services.
  • Serve as a member of the ICF General Assembly at the next International Camping Congress
  • Secure regional coordinators within the country when appropriate.
  • Assist in the work if the ICF in other ways as requested to do the work of ICF.

Feel free to contact the Ambassador Attaché at if you have any questions.

ArgentinaAlejandro Luque Gaston
AustraliaBrendan Smith
AustriaBernd Seidl
AzerbaijanAli Badalov
BangladeshRezaul Amin
BelarusVladimir Rudoy
BrasilSandra Urioste
BulgariaStanka Shopova
CanadaGabrielle Raill
ChinaJosh Lee
ColombiaAngela Gómez Montoya
Congo (Democratic Republic of)Toussaint Balumuene
CroatiaAnita Torbarina
Czech RepublicKamil Cakin
FranceSergey Kuznetsov
GeorgiaGocha Goguadze
GermanyJan Vieth
GreeceKirki Athanasiadou
Hong KongYiu Yik Ming, Edmond
IcelandAnna Margrét Tómasdóttir
IsraelLichtenberg Shiry Meiron
ItalyFrancesco Castiglione
JapanShin Takahashi
JordanMaen Odeh
Korea (South)Hyunhee Park
MalaysiaAing Granda
MexicoOscar Bücheler de Pavia
MongoliaChultem Byambasuren
NigeriaFather Mark Obayi
PakistanMuhammad Ali Rizvi
PanamaMorella Parés
Papua GuineaJames Robert
PeruDenisse Calderon Lopez
PhilippinesLarry Monzon
PolandKrzysztof Alchimowicz
RomaniaAna Manitiu Ozmen
RussiaValeriy Dolgikh
RwandaRuberwa Jean De Dieu
SingaporeMike Lim
SpainCarolina Fleix
SwitzerlandJoe Rikley
TaiwanStuart Alexander
ThailandPakawat Peter Smith
TogoKokou Isidore Zanklassou
TunisiaOumaima Hamdi
TurkeyRifat Can Barutcugil
UgandaAlex Mushabe
UK / EnglandClive Clifford
UkraineOlga Tsiupryk
Rodion Zhyzneyvskyy
USASteve Baskin
VenezuelaLuis Francisco Rivero
VietnamLeonel Jonathan Pelaes Mazariegos



Each member country of ICF may have a designated person to act as their ICF Ambassador. The Ambassador will be the official representative of the International Camping Fellowship for that country.  Some countries have already appointed or nominated an individual. If you would like to be part of this process to serve as an Ambassador for your country read the description below about the commitments and the opportunity to be part of the leadership of an important global organization.

Serve as an Ambassador or serve on one of many ICF Committees  – Fill out an application Form.

Feel free to contact the Ambassador/Outreach Chair Simón Sambrano at if you have any questions.