Building a Board for ICF 2020-2023

Steps to Building the ICF Board

The steps to creating the next ICF Board are designed to bring ICF experience, fresh talent, cultural diversity and varied perspectives to the common goals of ICF. It takes time and care to ensure that we continue the good things we are doing and embrace the possibilities to do more.

In recent days, ICF has received the largest number of nominations, expressions of interest and offers to volunteer in its history. These people have expressed willingness to serve in certain positions on the Board (Step Two), as Members at Large on the Board (Step Three) or as Ambassadors in their countries (Step Four).

We are now nearing the end of Step 1 – Electing four members of the Board. The next step of expanding the Board will now begin. Click Here to follow the Board Election.






Elect the Board (4 positions)
January 2020
ICF members nominate and elect people to four Board Positions. These four Board Members are President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Their official roles begin in October 2020 but there is work to be done between now and then.


Expand the Board (6 positions)
February/March 2020
The four elected Board Members now discuss and invite some other people to bring their talent and to join the Board to do certain jobs. These are choices made by the existing Board not elections and these people may be nominated or not. Click here to see the appointed board members


Elect more Board Members (Members at Large 3 positions)
April 2020
Once there are 10 members in place, the current ICF Ambassadors elect three more people to join the Board. These people are from countries or regions not well represented or they offer particular talents that can help the Board Click here to see the Member at large


Select final Member at Large
June 2020
The Board reserves an opportunity to select one (or two) more people to complete the Board for the next term. The total number of Board members is approximately 15 persons. Click here to see the Member at large


Encourage more volunteers and select Ambassadors
July/August 2020
ICF is seeking country Ambassadors. They are nominated and elected in each country. These ambassadors have set responsibilities and contribute greatly to the presence of ICF in their country’s camping community.