‘We Are Together’ Regional Conference, Tyumen, Russia

“Dialogues of Professionals”

Drivers of Growth and Development in the Camp Sector

“Olimpiyskaya Rebyachka”, Tyumen, Russia
18-20 March 2021

Three eventful days of quality education, professional discussions, access to professional events and master-classes aimed at improving the professional level of all participants. The seminar will have an international section in which participants will be able to discuss conditions, share experiences, and discover new methods for work under their respective regulations. International speakers are invited to join us and to submit a presentation proposal. Visa support and compensation for transportation costs is available by the organizing committee.

More information: http://seminar72.ru/

Link to Registration (deadline is March 15th): http://seminar72.ru/#registration


Larisa Vladimirovna Shilova – President of the Association “We are Together“, General Director of the ODOOC “Children’s Republic”

The seminar is an opportunity to join with like-minded people — professionals in their field… to be inspired by new ideas, knowledge, to prepare qualitatively for the summer health campaign… to hear important words and thoughts on topical issues in the field of children’s recreation… and, of course, to network with friends to make this seminar productive and energizing. See you on the Tyumen region!”

Confirmed Speakers & Topics


Shilova Larisa Vladimirovna (Tyumen)

“The Role of a public organization to ensure the Rights of Children to ensure Quality Camp Experiences: a Regional Model” – innovative approaches to the organization of camps in the Tyumen region, their role and importance in the implementation of national projects

“Tools for support and motivation of administrative and pedagogical personnel”


Olga Vasilievna Ogorodnova (Tyumen)


“Social and emotional learning: foreign and domestic concepts and practices”

 “How to teach children of primary school age self-government and responsible decision-making”



Promo Video:

ICF’s perspective

Here is a video from ICF’s President Fahrettin Gozet’s and ICF’s Former President Valery Kostin’s visit to Russia in March 2021, to support the camp community.

They both did their best to spread the word that camp is safe and great – in tv channels, radio stations, newspapers, to governors and opinion leaders.