Dear ICF Family,

It is a great pleasure to greet you in our March newsletter. Time flies and summer is just around the corner. In many countries, camp managers are working hard to get ready. It appears this year might be close to pre-Covid normality. We are hoping for the best, and in the meantime allow me to update you all on what I’ve learned:

Most camp directors I’ve spoken with will have a mask-free camp. This is great news as it is crucial for us to see the smiles on the faces of our campers. Seeing them smile and happy is our biggest motivation.

The ICF family is growing with new membership from across the world including friends in Sri Lanka! Our membership committee is also working diligently on partnerships and new association agreements with a multitude of camp partners.

We are coming to the end of ICF Academy Season 2. This was a spectacular season for ICF Academy. We had speakers from outside of the camp industry who helped us view what we do from different angles and perspectives. Our next session will be a virtual camp tour to Greece on March 22nd! Thank you so much for Delphi Camp making that happen.

Our World and especially children are facing new challenges and traumas one after another. As educators, our main duty is to plant seeds for happy and healthy generations, and we are committed to doing this.

‘’Peace at home, peace in the world’’


Fahrettin Gozet

ICF President