Abbott Fenn Druzhba Award

The Abbott Fenn Druzhba Award is a special recognition of an individual, Camp, or Organization, which has made a significant and sustained contribution to International camping.  The endowed contribution for the award was made by Abbott Fenn, a long-standing, active member of the American Camp Association and former owner/director of the Keewaydin Camps in New England, U.S.A. The award is given to those who spread the benefit of the camp experience to improve world understanding.

  1. Any member of the International Camping Fellowship (Individual, Camp, or Organization) is eligible. Current members of the Board are not eligible, although their Camp or Organization may be considered.
  2. The Award recognizes an individual, Camp, or Organization which has made a significant contribution to International camping, such as development of a new Camping Association, development of an exchange program between countries, development of sponsorships for International programs, or other unique or sustained contribution to the ICF Organization.
Nominations and Selection:

Any member of the International Camping Fellowship may make nominations for the award. Deadline for submission is the scheduled ICF Board Meeting for the current year.

The Board of the International Camping Fellowship makes the selection. It is presented at the Annual Meeting of the International Camping Fellowship. Announcement of the Award will also be made in the Country of the recipient, as appropriate. Up to one award a year is given. Note: The ICF Board cannot be responsible for travel expenses of the recipient. Nominations are retained for consideration at any time.


1990 Jean McMullan Alford Lake Camp USA
1999 Artek International Children’s Center Russia
2000 Minoru Matsuda Japan
2001 Armand Ball USA
2002 Bill Bowker Australia
2003 Charles Pantin, Hilda Carvallo Venezuela
2004 Jack Pearse Canada
2006 Irene Hooper USA
2008 Tetsuo Sakai Japan
2009 Tamara Truschkovskaya Russia
2010 Richard Chamberlain USA
2011 Jose Virgilio Lopez Vergara Y Villarreal Mexico
2013 Larisa Shilova (Rebyachya Respublika Camp) Russia
2014 Sako Tanaka Japan
2016 Jenny Bowker Australia
2017 Galina Suhoveyko Russia
2018 Bill Oakley Australia
2019 Russian Children’s Centre Orlyonok Russia
2020 Valery Kostin Russia