ICF Camp Tours

“Tell Your Camp Story…”


In its efforts to bring together the world of outdoor experience and to provide information exchange across borders, ICF has developed a project to create and present short documentary videos of camps in different countries.

Celebrate How we Differ…Celebrate What we Share

Each camp video consists of two main parts. These parts are gathered in a consistent way so that the final format of each video allows for a clear understanding of the similarities and differences in camping across borders and across cultures. The growing catalogue of videos will allow the camp community to grasp the wide scope of camping across the world.

Some camps are small and informal; others camps are large and structured. Some offer day programs; others serve overnight stays. Every camp greets campers, feeds them, provides leadership and delivers program. It is these common elements that the videos are designed to capture. Over time ICF members can expect to see and appreciate the common roots, and the diversity, of camping.


 Schedule for 2021

June – August: Part One – gathering and recording of conversations and interviews

July – August: Part Two – gathering of video clips, un-edited and still photos and logos

September – October: Part Three – Any follow-up audio and editing of the videos and the interviews

October – December: Air the camp tours (along with live Q & A when possible) to ICF Members


How to Offer your Camp for a Tour

Contact jjorgenson@icfconnect.net or complete this Camp Tour Application


 Would you like to help us tell your camp story?