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ICC 2020 – News


updated: January 29th, 2020

The ICC 2020 Congress Committee and the ICF Board wants to assure all delegates and members that we are actively monitoring the global health crisis in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak. Our hearts go out to all individuals – and camps – that have already been affected. We are working diligently to develop appropriate strategic responses, communication, and contingency plans in the lead-up to ICC 2020. We will continue to prioritize the health and interests of all individuals impacted as the timeline of this health crisis unfolds. As camp professionals we will always hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Submission dates and deadlines are open and tentative pending final decisions in relation to current global health issues. Confirmed presenters will be contacted as promptly as conditions permit.

International Camping Congress 2020 (ICC) “One World, One Camp” is a top level, international conference providing a perfect opportunity to present and discuss the most important and challenging issues concerning camp education.

As an international event, there is an opportunity to compare, contrast, celebrate things we share and acknowledge the diversity of the camp experience. Most importantly, delegates can develop professionally as we draw successes and ideas from all sources: Reaching across borders and cultures, past politics and conflict and into the hearts and needs of the children we serve. International Camping Congress is considered to be a foundation of meetings for associates of the camping movement to share achievements and discuss the perspectives for development of the camp education movement. ICC 2020 is coupled with an academic research forum, camp site study tours, cultural visits and additional training programs.

In addition, some post-Congress mini-Conferences are scheduled to take place in cities across China after the main event in Beijing. Presenters selected for ICC 2020 may be invited to participate in one or more of these events as well.

The International Camping Fellowship is accepting proposals from experienced and professional presenters for innovative, timely, and dynamic educational sessions to be presented at the International Camping Congress-Beijing being held October 14 – 18, 2020.

Review of previous congress evaluations and informal feedback gathered from attendees; indicate that camp and youth professionals seek high-level knowledge in the following areas:

  • Human Resources – Presentations should demonstrate how industry professionals can recruit and engage top level staff teams to deliver their program outcomes. Topics may include: recruiting, placement, training, recognition, motivation, behaviour management (expectation setting, mental/physical/emotional health), goal-setting, leadership, outcomes attainment, youth involvement in decision making, and developing life skills on the job.
  • Youth Development and Behaviour— Presentations should demonstrate how camp professionals can effectively use the camp experience to help prepare young people (both campers and/or counselors) for healthy and successful lives. Topics may include: participant development and behavior, health and wellness, creating a community of respect, program design to achieve youth development outcomes, and program evaluation.
  • Business and Operations— Specific topics for camps, conference centers, and out-of-school time programs are welcomed. Sessions might address areas of operation such as marketing, budgeting, risk management, crisis communications, site and facility, government relations, environmental issues, health services, food service, transportation, technology, board development, fundraising, and public policy.
  • Innovative Programs and Activities— We are seeking program and activities that showcase the best the camp experience has to offer presented by seasoned camp professionals and industry experts.  Keep in mind the target audience includes camp owners, directors, and mid-level managers who are seeking innovation, fresh ideas, programs than enhance what they currently offer, and activities that can take the camp experience to the next level.
  • Camp-School Partnerships — Presentations should be relevant for camps and other out-of-school-time programs currently providing outdoor education/environmental education experiences in partnership with traditional schools, as well as to all interested in exploring these opportunities. Topics may include: program design; curriculum development; creating a relationship with schools; staff training; youth-development goals and outcomes; innovative teaching techniques; business and operations; and research.

Target Audience (Who attends a Congress?) 
The International Camping Congress draws camp and youth development professionals from around the world, working in camp and other out-of-school-time settings. Presentations should apply to directors, owners, executives, mid-level managers and year-round program staff as well as other youth development professionals and educators.

Although we draw some professionals relatively new to camp, please keep in mind that the balance of the audience is comprised of experienced professionals committed to life-long learning and networking. They seek high-level educational opportunities, and we are committed to providing them.

Further, the global camp community is quite diverse and attendees will discover that some regions of the camping world are developing at both different rates and in different ways. This diversity is both a challenge and an opportunity when sharing insights and information.

Educational Breakout Sessions
In Beijing, we will be delivering our educational sessions in a new format. Please read through this section carefully. Educational breakout sessions vary in length and purpose. Presenters are encouraged to leave ten minutes or more for questions and answers with participants. Some time may be required for translation as well (see below) Lectures, hands-on workshops, and panel presentations are welcome.

  • Keynotes:
    1. Purpose: High level, inspirational and informative perspectives on youth and camp education from within and outside the camping profession.
    2. Speaker Criteria
      • One (1) only presenter per Keynote
      • Some proposals may be accepted in this category for application in other categories (i.e. workshop, research or training)
    3. Length = 45 minutes
    4. Compensation = negotiated with ICC
  • Workshops (individual)
    1. Purpose: to present a specific topic in reference to one or more of the general Congress themes; session may be presented as a lecture, discussion or workshop
    2. Speaker Requirements =
      • Maximum of 1 presenter per session
    3. Length = 75 minutes
    4. Compensation = ~30% discount on registration ($400 USD)
      • Transportation, accommodation, meals and all other expenses are the responsibility of the speaker.
  • Workshops Panel (Moderator plus 4 people)
    1. Purpose: to present varying perspectives on specific aspects of the camping profession
    2. Speaker Obligations
      • Assemble 4 panelists to present different perspectives on a specific topic
      • Panelists must represent perspective from at least three (3) different communities (geographical, cultural, camp type)
      • Confirm other members of the panel prior to applying to present.
    3. Length = 60 minutes
    4. Compensation = ~30% discount on registration ($400 USD) for each panelists/moderators
      • Transportation, accommodation, meals and all other expenses are the responsibility of the panelists/moderators.
  • Training:
    1. Purpose: Active or interactive session with practical skills related to staff training, camper activity or camp education
    2. Speaker Criteria
      • Maximum of 1 presenter per session
      • Outline space and numbers requirements
    3. Length = ½ day ( 2.5 – 4 hours …specify length in description)
    4. Compensation = ~30% discount on registration ($400 USD)
      • Transportation, accommodation, meals and all other expenses are the responsibility of the speaker.
  • Poster Presentation:
    1. Purpose: Hosted display and discussion of designated topic in an open hall.
    2. Speaker Requirements
      • Maximum of 1 presenter per session
      • Poster may be a mixture of concise text, tables, graphs, pictures, or other formats (More precise criteria is available upon request)
      • Topics may be research-oriented (see below) or more practitioner-oriented.
    3. Length = 75 minutes
    4. Compensation = ~10% discount on registration ($475 USD)
      • Transportation, accommodation, meals and all other expenses are the responsibility of the speaker.
  • Research Forum:
    1. Purpose: to present critical research and trends relevant to camp education.
    2. Speaker Obligations
      • Maximum of 1 presenter per paper/presentation
      • Submit a separate and specific Call for Research Proposals
      • Proposals are vetted by the ICF Research Forum Committee
      • Presentation of the paper is approximately 20 minutes (allowing for translation, questions) as part of a three [3] paper Research Forum session.
    3. Length = 60 minutes (Three [3] papers X 20 minutes = 60 minutes)
    4. Compensation = ~30% discount on registration ($400 USD)
      • Transportation, accommodation, meals and all other expenses are the responsibility of the presenter.

The primary languages for the Congress are Chinese and English but presenters are invited regardless of their native language. All possible assistance for effective delivery will be arranged. Speaker preparation notes and hints will be prepared for presenters whose proposals are accepted. Where possible, presentations may be prepared for display with captions or split screen.

Opening, Closing and Keynote sessions have simultaneous translation available in multiple languages. Other sessions will be presented with whisper or consecutive translation support for delegates who require it. All speakers are asked to be tolerant and take the international nature of this Congress into consideration as they present. Further, translation and sharing during Q/A periods may require a little longer than sessions in one language only.

Submitting Session Proposals
Proposals will be accepted beginning February 1, 2020 and deadlines are open and tentative pending final decisions in relation to current global health issues. Confirmed presenters will be contacted as promptly as conditions permit. Click Here to submit a Proposal for presentations.

Proposals may be submitted on the ICC Congress Presenter Submission Form. All areas must be completed and include:

  • Title of session to be included in program book
  • 30 word maximum descriptor of session for program book
  • Detailed information on how the session meets one or more of the knowledge areas listed above.
  • Description of methodology to be used when presenting (lecture, experiential, panel, etc)
  • Description of any equipment needs to run session successfully
  • Minimum and maximum number of participants per session (if necessary)
  • Number of times you are willing to run your session throughout the Congress
  • Name and contact of Lead Presenter
    • If there are additional presenters of the workshop please provide the same information for them. (If this is not yet confirmed then please identify that you are still soliciting people but know that in order to process visas this information must be on hand a minimum of 6 months prior to the event.)
    • Communication about the session will be directly to the Lead Presenter only.

While ICF delegates are always interested in program stories and case studies, presentations must not have a commercial message for a particular organization or business, or be perceived as a “sales pitch.”

The International Camping Congress reserves the right to reject any proposal.


Click Here to submit a Proposals for presentations


Questions: srcc@icfconnect.net

Selection Process
Sessions are reviewed and selected by the volunteer Program Review Team. On occasion, submitters may be asked for further clarification. All submitters receive email confirmation and notification of the program team’s decision regarding their proposal as early as practical.

Some submissions may be accepted as early as is practical in order to publish program topics and descriptions as they are confirmed.

Travel Visas
The cost and process of obtaining the appropriate visa for travel in China is the responsibility of the speaker. Any supporting documentation will be provided by the Congress Planning Committee.

It is important that the visa process begins at least 6 months prior to your arrival. More information is available on the Congress website.