ICC 2017 Russia


Sochi, October 9 – 13, 2017

The following English text is drawn from the ICC 2017 video now available at the following links: English  / Russian

Japan, Australia, Mexico, China, Canada… International Camping Congress geography is diverse and bridges many countries and cultures. Every three years the International Camping Fellowship, the world-wide organization initiates a new forum for professional development.

The 10th anniversary Congress was conducted in Antalya, in Turkey in 2014. It brought together camping professionals from more than 30 countries.

The ICF Board announced the next Congress will be held in Russia in 2017. The National Camp Association of Russia would become a hosting organization of the Congress.

Surrounded by 13 seas and border from East to West with 18 countries, Russia is a multi-national country located both in Europe and in Asia. Russia is enriching the world heritage through its outstanding culture, magnificent theatre, music, architecture, language and authentic traditions.

The population of Russia is more than 146 million people. Among them there are over 27 million children and teenagers aged up to 18.

Russia has developed a unique system of outdoor camping education and recreation for children and youth. There are over 53 thousand diverse summer camps and educational centers. More than 7 million children attend Russian camps year-round.

Sochi has been announced to be the hosting city of the 11th International Camping Congress. It was the capital of the 22nd Winter Olympic and of the 11th Winter Paralympic Games. Sochi boasts a location in the heart of the South Russia. With high quality infrastructure the city provides perfect facilities for the international events.

The Radisson Blu Resort and Congress Centre Sochi is looking forward to seeing Congress participants. It is the world class hotel located on the shores of Russian Riviera, in the Olympic Park, in walking distance from the yacht marina, Olympic facilities and Formula one track. The hotel is just a 15 minute drive from the international airport and the railway station. The Congress participants are welcome to enjoy the comfortable suites as well as Congress Hall Center.

 “Sharing happiness with children across the world!” is the motto of the 11th Congress. The wooden bird of happiness, the dove, is the official Congress symbol. It used to be a home protection as well as a favorite toy of children in ancient Russia.

The Congress Program outlines discussion panels on innovative educational strategies, program planning, fundraising and marketing, staff recruitment and professional development.

The Congress participants are welcome to the greatest cultural attractions of Russia. They can visit Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. They are also encouraged to see the sights of Sochi, the Southern capital of Russia. The Congress participants are most welcome to attend Sochi’s amusement parks and the fields of the most Northern tea in the planet.

They will observe unique Olympic facilities which were constructed in 2014. Generous Krasnodar region is looking forward to seeing you here!