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updated: January 29th, 2020

The ICC 2020 Congress Committee and the ICF Board wants to assure all delegates and members that we are actively monitoring the global health crisis in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak. Our hearts go out to all individuals – and camps – that have already been affected. We are working diligently to develop appropriate strategic responses, communication, and contingency plans in the lead-up to ICC 2020. We will continue to prioritize the health and interests of all individuals impacted as the timeline of this health crisis unfolds. As camp professionals we will always hope for the best and prepare for the worst.


Tanto el Comité organizador del ICC 2020 como la mesa directiva de la ICF, queremos asegurar a todos los delegados y miembros de la ICF que estamos monitoriando la crisis de salud global en relación al Coronavirus que está afectando a China y al resto del mundo. Nuestro cariño y pensamientos están con toda esas personas – y camps – que se han visto afectadas de manera directa. Estamos trabajando de manera diligente en desarrollar respuestas estratégicas apropiadas y panes de contingencia con relación al desarrollo del ICC 2020. Mantendremos en consideración, como prioridad, la salud, bienestar e intereses de todos los involucrados al desarrollar los mencionados planes. Avisaremos a todos ustedes sobre estos planes de manera oportuna a medida que se tenga más información oficial sobre esta crisis de salud. Como buenos profesionales de campamentos, esperaremos lo mejor y nos prepararemos para lo peor.


Комитет Конгресса ICC 2020 и правление ICF хотят заверить всех делегатов и членов, что мы отслеживаем глобальный кризис здравоохранения в связи со вспышкой коронавируса, поскольку он затрагивает Китай и весь остальной мир. Мы искренне сочувствуем тем людям и лагерям, которые уже непосредственно пострадали.
Мы работаем над разработкой соответствующих стратегических ответных мер и планов действий в чрезвычайных ситуациях в связи с подготовкой к ICC 2020. Разрабатывая эти планы, мы в первую очередь думаем о здоровье и интересах каждого. Мы будем своевременно информировать всех об этих планах по мере развития кризиса. Как все хорошие лагерные профессионалы, мы молимся о лучшем и готовимся к худшему.





“One World – One Camp”

The camping movement worldwide helps children of various countries in vastly different ways: indoor v.s. outdoor activities, high-rope v.s. low-rope courses, arts v.s. technology programs, and cooking v.s. mountaineering etc., but the rationale and philosophy underlying all these apparently different camp activities are the same: providing children a loving and safe environment where children are free from inhibitions so they can explore and find themselves, and eventually become themselves and also a productive member of their respective communities.

The ICC 2020 China shares this value and vision of camping in helping children grow to be responsible citizens of world.

“One World, One Camp”, a theme that will unite the world’s camping community in seeking for common ground in camping philosophy and practices rather than magnify differences.

Let’s camp for children of the world, the one and only world we have!

10,000+ Attendees, 500+ Speakers, Great Opportunities for Professional and Business Connections, Rich Pre- & Post-Conference Activities: campsite visits, tours of historic and scenic sites around the country, and Chinese cultural experience programs…

Welcome to the International Camping Congress 2020 (ICC2020)!

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The registrations of international participants for ICC 2020 China is being accepted only through ICF-connect.

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Congress Fee/Ticket Prices:

  • Member Rate
    Premium Ticket: $475USD
    * This fee is available for international participants who live out of China.
    Banquet: 100USD
  • Regular Rate
    Premium Ticket (regular): 535USD
    * This fee is available for international participants who live out of China.
    Banquet: 100USD
  • 【Conference Ticket】
    1. In order for more young professionals to participate in this international event, ICC2020 adopts the form of “Ticket Package”: buy one Premium Ticket, get Four Regular Tickets for free. But the four Regular Tickets holders must be 18 to 28-year-olds professional of their organization.
  • 2. Premium Ticket and Regular Ticket are available for all three days of workshops, exhibitions, welcome party, world carnival, free translation, airport and railway station shuttle bus, photo service, etc. The difference between the Premium Ticket and Regular Ticket is that the Premium Ticket holder may enter the main venue to participate in the live keynote speech while the Regular Ticket holders may not. (Some streamed views and other events are available during these times)
  • 3. The Premium Ticket holder should provide information of four Regular Tickets holders (Regular Tickets holders’ information can be modified 90 days before the conference through the WeChat program login “ME” interface or send email to registration@icc2020.cn ). At that time by virtue of the purchase of the QR code and the original id card, on-site exchange for the certificate.
  • 【 Chinese Culture Gathering and Banquet】
    Chinese Culture Gathering and Banquet will be held on October 15th, 2020. The gathering and Banquet tickets can be purchased by meeting the Premium Ticket (one Premium Ticket can purchase one Banquet ticket), 100 seats only.
  • 【Registration Fee】
    The registration fee does not include transportation from the place of departure to Beijing, meals during the conference and the Chinese Culture Gathering and Banquet on October 15th, 2020.