ICC2021 – Announcement

The 12th International Camping Congress

On December 22, 2020, the International Camping Fellowship (ICF) Board and the Organizing Committee of the 12th International Camping Congress (ICC2021) held a special online international meeting and signing ceremony. Together they have re-committed to ICC China in Beijing, China in October 2021.

Final dates and all important information about the Congress is scheduled to be posted on the ICF website and distributed to all ICF members and affiliates. A fresh Congress website, www.icc2021.cn  is scheduled to open in mid-January. It promises to be ready for an epic event!

An International Camping Congress has been held approximately every three years since the first Congress in Canada in 1983, and it has been held 11 times in different countries around the world. The 12th International Camping Congress (ICC2021) was originally scheduled to be held in Beijing in October 2020, but was delayed by the COVID pandemic. After careful consultation between the Organizing Committee of the Congress and the International Camping Fellowship over recent months, it has been decided to go forward with clear plans in Beijing, China in October 2021. The signing ceremony represents the first bold step and official start of Congress 2021.

ICC2021 Organizing Committee

Nie Aijun, chairman of the Congress Organizing Committee, in his speech before the signing ceremony, emphasized the importance and the challenge of proceeding with the International Camping Congress at this time:

“The global epidemic has separated people physically, but as humans, we are eager to connect face to face with on another. The spirit of camp education is the unity and care of people and the connection between people and nature. Our challenge is precisely that the global epidemic has separated us, worried us and challenged us. We need to break through these barriers. Challenges are not necessarily easy, but overcoming challenges make success more meaningful.”

Nie went on to emphasize:

“It is of great significance to hold the 12th International Camping Congress (ICC2021) is scheduled to be held in China. There are 300 million young people in China, of which 220 million are primary and middle school students. The healthy and comprehensive growth of Chinese young people and the cooperation and exchanges with young people around the world are not only related to the future of China. It is also about the future of the world. Camp education is precisely one of the important ways to achieve these goals. Holding the International Camping Congress in China will greatly promote the development of the entire camp education industry in China, thereby promoting the growth opportunities for Chinese youth and the exchanges of young people around the world.”

In conclusion, Chairman Nie Aijun said: “The Organizing Committee of the International Camping Congress looks forward to cooperation with all organizations and institutions in the Chinese camp industry to make the conference a successful and united conference to promote the sound development of the entire camp education industry in China.”

ICF President, Fahrettin Gözet, outlined the important role of ICF to support the world of camps and camp education.

“In spite of the pandemic, we must plan for the future and for the children. The emerging camp education industry in China is an important part of the global community of camps and camp education. We have much to learn and much to share. The Congress is ICF’s regular commitment to ‘bring together the world of outdoor experience’. Networking, business opportunities, shared learning and lasting friendships benefit us all”

Acknowledging the challenges of the pandemic, financial crisis and lingering challenges to business and travel, Gözet went on to say: “The plans must go ahead just as camp must continue to exist. The industry will find a way to come together and it must do so for its sake and for the sake of the children. Our first choice is to meet face-to-face in Beijing this October. We are ready to circle the dates, roll up our sleeves, develop a clear plan and prepare for the best possible outcomes.”

In conclusion, the ICF President announced the intention to conduct the next face-to-face Board meeting in Beijing thus ensuring the attendance and support of the Board as international presenters and participants.