ICDC 2020 China

The ICF & the organizing committee of the ICC 2020 China are proud to announce two wonderful pre-conference professional development opportunities:

1. International Camp Directors Course:
October 09th – 14th  2020
2. ICDC Trainee Trainer Program
October 08th – 14th  2020

Applications open via email to amcguckian@icfconnect.net



The purpose of International Camp Directors Course (ICDC) is to provide a quality training program that stimulates an exploration of successful international camp management practices that have some consistency throughout the world. All courses are approved and administered by the International Camping Fellowship (ICF) using both local and international ICDC certified trainers.,

The course is a professional development course designed for camp managers, directors and operators and other experienced camp staff professionals in administrative roles. It addresses all aspects of camp management in an interactive exchange with other members of the camping and outdoor community and builds on skills and learning of both faculty and participants. The intensive four-day course is conducted in a camp-like community experience with sessions during the day and in the evenings. Participants should be open minded and take advantage of opportunities to explore different options. Participants are expected to participate in the entire course to receive the certificate of completion.

Goal One –
To present the basics of camp management in 17 core areas of the organized body of knowledge and adapt it to various cultures and situations

Goal Two – To expand a participant’s network of peers and to develop a community of professionals in a “camp-like” atmosphere

Goal Three – To provide an introduction to self-directed learning and the participant’s role in their own professional development process.

Please click to watch the ICDC video

Registration process: Opens 08/07/2020 Complete registration form and make payment via the ICF-connect www.icfconnect.net (enquiries via email to icdc@icfconnect.net )

Registrations close August 30th. Places are limited 

Course fee: To be announced –  includes all resources, 4 nights/5days meals and accommodation

The topics covered are introduced with specific content in the following:

  1. Leadership
  2. Target Populations & Diversity
  3. Mission/Purpose
  4. Participant Development
  5. Program Design & Activities
  6. Participant Behavior
  7. Human Resources – Recruitment
  8. Human Resources – Orientation and Training
  9. Human Resources – Supervision
  10. Risk Management
  11. Health and Wellness
  12. Site and Facilities
  13. Marketing
  14. Business and Finance
  15. Food Service
  16. Transportation
  17. Evaluation

Trainers recognize there is not one right way to run a camp or outdoor program. Each year directors teach their staff how they want things done. That is their choice. This course is for a variety of international operations and presents some best practices and options for how camp operations can be successfully run.

Course fee: To be announced- include course, accommodation and meals.

Registrations: Registrations close August 30th

Enquiries via email: To Andrew McGuckian icdc@icfconnect.net 


Periodically, and under the closest supervision of the ICDC Coordinator at International Camping Congresses, an ICDC Trainers Course takes place in conjunction with the ICDC course. An approved ICDC Trainer may be invited to participate in other ICDC events. In order to become an ICDC Trainer, a participant must have completed a regular ICDC.

Application process:

If you have completed an ICDC course, have many years experience in camp management and want to make a voluntary contribution to the development of camping, this is the course for you.

To obtain an application form please email Andrew McGuckian, (amcguckian@icfconnect.net ). Please note applications will require support from your local Camping Association or similar.

Course fee: To be announced-  includes all resources, 5nights/6days meals and accommodation


The Internationally ICF Certified Trainers for both courses are:

Andrew McGuckian (Australia) is National Head of Camping for the Outdoor Education Group operating six residential camps across Australia. He is President of the Australian Camps Association, President of the Outdoor Council of Australia and an ICF Board member. A qualified Outdoor Educator and with a Master of Business, Andrew is a trainer with both practical, professional and academic expertise. He has been a member of ICDC training teams in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Russia and Turkey. He is considered a leader in the Australian camping industry, with a interest in accreditation as a verification officer and research into the outcomes of excellent camp programs.

Connie Coutellier (USA) is a consultant, author, trainer, camp director and International Camping Fellowship coordinator for the International Camp Director Course (ICDC). She is the former Director of Professional Development and National President of the American Camp Association. Her books include Management of Risks and Emergencies, Camp is for the Camper, and Day Camp from Day One published by American Camp Association.  She has directed resident and day camps in five US states and Malaysia and provides consultant services and training throughout the United States and internationally.