Partnership agreement – Mexican Camp Association

ICF is pleased to announce the first formal membership agreement with a member of our ICF Association Network in 2020.

Asociación Mexicana de Campamentos (AMC) is the National Camp Association of Mexico. Created in 1994, the AMC’s main goal is to raise the quality of the camping industry in Mexico, to promote an excellent service and to motivate the participation of the public regardless of age, gender or social group in camps in order to share in the values ​​that are acquired in these types of experiences outdoors.

The agreement is intended to complement the strengths of both organizations and add mutual value to each other’s membership programs. Among the benefits that AMC and its members can expect is a closer exchange of information, reduced costs at some ICF events, shared logo use for marketing and reduced membership fees. AMC will be listed as a Preferred Partner on the ICF website and establish a direct liaison with the ICF President, Fahrettin Gözet.

The Agreement is set to take effect on February 1, 2021.