Juvigo: an online platform specialized in summer camps for children and young people.

At Juvigo, their mission is to enable children to do what made their childhood unforgettable: take a vacation at summer camps. It is very important to them that they are safe and in good hands during summer camps, so that their parents do not have to worry during that time.

Juvigo is a booking platform for summer camps, language trips and youth travel. Founded in Berlin in 2015, Juvigo helps parents and kids to find their perfect summer camp. For German kids that means finding a summer camp that is organized by a German tour operator. Those camps mainly take place in Germany, but they can also choose a youth trip to the Costa Brava in Spain or a language trip to Malta. When Juvigo expanded to the Netherlands, the aim was to offer summer camps to Dutch kids – organized by Dutch tour operators. The same goes for all the other countries. In every country we cooperate with tour operators, that organize camps and list them on our platform.