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Meet our Members: Okean – Russia

The Russian Children’s Centre “Okean” is one of four federal Children’s Centers and is located at the extreme South East of Russia near Vladivostok. It was founded in 1983 and its name suggests has a strong maritime focus. Every year it delivers more than 50…

Spanish Camp Association and COVID-19 reports

The Spanish Camp Association, ANEACAMP (Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Actividades y Campamentos) and the Spanish Association of Sports and Recreational Clubs and Entities (ACEDYR) have signed an agreement to strengthen their associative structure and share the benefit of training spaces and institutional representation. ACEDYR…

Conference Season in Russia

Russian Camp Professionals organized a series of annual and special conferences during the month of November and early December. Some were in-person events while others were virtual in nature. ICF President, Fahrettin Gözet, presented and participated in these events and as well as in some…

SCamp Con 3 Third Annual Online Summer Camp Conference

Summer Camp Con (SCampCon) is a virtual conference for summer camp professionals. It was created three years ago as an alternative to in-person attendance at typical camp conferences. The intention was to create a professional sharing and education platform without heavy financial or travel restrictions….