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Connecting Camp Education Professionals From Over 100 Countries

The International Camping Fellowship is a worldwide assembly of camp and camp education professionals who share their enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment to the camp and outdoor experience. ICF was founded in 1987 by an inspirational group of camp professionals with the vision of “a better world through outdoor experience.” ICF welcomes all who wish to foster international understanding, global education and youth development through the organized camp experience.

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Camping Congress

In the spirit of ‘bringing together’, the International Camping Fellowship supports the creation and delivery of an Internatıonal Camping Congress (ICC) every third year. These events, in locations around the world, serve several key aims.

ICC Aims;
To provide a venue and opportunity for camp education professionals, students, and friends of camping to meet, network, discuss and exchange views.
To provide education in current trends and training on camping practices, of interest to an international audience, and applicable in all regions.
To showcase the camp experience and culture as they are expressed in the host country.

ICF Programs

ICF Academy

Industry leaders talk about camps around the world in Autumn 2021. Perspectives of the camping industry in different countries. Comments on the actions/measures that are being implemented by associations, organizations, professionals or government agencies to ensure operations and/or health protocols in camps. Join the discussion and connect.

ICF – International Camping Congress

The International Camping Fellowship is preparing a rich and extensive program to showcase the vibrant and dynamic growth in camp education taking place in the world. The program will include Research Forum, Study Tours, continuous keynote speakers and a wide variety of workshops.

International Camp Directors Course

The International Camp Directors Course (ICDC) has been developed as a professional development course for camp managers, directors and operators. The intensive four-day course is conducted in a camp-like community experience with sessions during the day and in the evenings. Participants should be open minded and take advantage of opportunities to explore different options.


ICF Academy S2 E4: ICF Camp Tours – Greece

March 22, 2022   Session Description: Join us to meet Alexia Sideri, the owner and director of Delphicamp in Greece and to take a tour of camp. We will look behind the program successes and learn about all aspects of the Delphicamp operation – from history to administration,…

International Camping Congress 2023 in Tarragona, Spain

The International Camping Fellowship has chosen the PortAventura Convention Center for the celebration of the International Camping Congress 2023   International Camping Congress (ICC) is a gathering of camp and outdoor education professionals from around the world. It is organized every 3 years and brings…

ICF President’s Remarks – March 2022

Dear ICF Family, It is a great pleasure to greet you in our March newsletter. Time flies and summer is just around the corner. In many countries, camp managers are working hard to get ready. It appears this year might be close to pre-Covid normality….

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