Join us to meet Ursula Martinez Lavin the owner and director of Camp Santa Ursula in Mexico and to take a tour of camp. We will look behind the program successes and learn about all aspects of the Camp Santa Ursula operation – from history to administration, services to operations, camp operations in Mexico and more. Learn how your camp can join the ICF Camp Study Tour Program and be featured in future episodes. Stay with us for a panel discussion on camp standards with Joel Thomson and Stephane Richard!

  • John (Jorgi) Jorgenson, Past ICF, OCA and CCA President, and Past Camp Tawingo director.
  • Ursula Martinez Lavin, ICF Member, and Camp Santa Ursula owner/director.

A special “Thank you!” to Gabrielle Raill, Dr. Gwynn Powell, Alexia Sideri and Dr. Simon Sambrano for coordinating the presentation of this episode!


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A small sample of the notes we were all keeping during the session!

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Standards presentation by Joel Thomson

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